What exactly are the best diet pills?


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To be honest diet pills are a waste of money. They promise the earth, have great marketing people behind the product, making you believe you will be size zero in two weeks, and because we are desperate and gullible, we fall for it.

That said, I tried Rasberry Ketones last year along with a healthy diet (sort of!) and exercise (20 minutes per day on the treadmill) and did lose weight. I decided it probably wasn't the pills helping at all, so stopped taking them. I still lost weight but in fairness, it was not as much. I started to take them again, and weight loss again increased.

Before that, I tried every pill known to man (more often woman in this case actually!) and none had any effect. Oh, apart from one I tried about ten years ago and is now banned - whoops!

Seriously, your best chance of losing weight is by following a healthy diet (or if you are like me, just cut out chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc), and do at least 20 minutes exercise per day that makes your heart beat faster. Like a fast paced walk, treadmill, aerobics, etc.

You don't need to follow a set diet or invest in workout DVDs, all you need is the will power to stick with it, and believe me that is not easy, especially in the first week or so.

Good luck - you can do this!

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Physical fitness is important for every person to increase their life-span with no diseases and physical pain. Nowadays everyone wants to stay healthy and fit because of its various advantages. You can maintain your physical fitness with the help of gym, yoga, better diet, and aerobics. You can also take some supplements or pills to stay fit and healthy.

There are several diet pills that are available in the market. You can take anyone after consulting your personal doctor. I also take Cardarine because it increases muscle strength and stamina to do work, which is necessary for staying physically fit. You can also try the same diet pills.

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