What Are The Different Kinds Of Diet?


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Regular diet
soft diet
light diet
liquid diet
special diet
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There are many kinds of diets:

-Peanut butter diet
-Atkins diet
-CKD diet
-HCG diet
-The Mediterranean Diet
-South beach diet
-Raw food diet
-Paleo diet
-Zone diet
-Vegan diet
-All fruit diet
-40 bananas/day diet

There really are too many to name and it doesn't really help anyone to just list them off, so what I'll say is it doesn't matter which one you go with, as long as you find YOU are able to adhere to it well and you maintain a sustained caloric deficit with it over time.

All of them work provided you remain in a caloric deficit.

A good guideline is not to drop below 1,200 calories as a woman or 1,500 as a man...although there are many diets which would have you do this (ex: The HCG diet has you down to 500 cals/day).

So find one that you see results from and that you can easily stick to...I've found this one to be good.

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Regular standard diet
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FAD Diet
Atkin Diet
South Beach Diet
Best Life Diet
Biggest Loser diet
Cabbage Soup Diet
Eat More, Weigh Less?
Fresh Diet
Fat Belly Diet
4 day Diet
G Free Diet
Hallelujah Diet
and a lot more.... X)
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The best kind of diet is CLOSING THE MOUTH for high calorie food and EXERCISING!
It really works and you won't need any kind of pill. Try it!

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