I don't eat and drink alot during the day but I'm always on the toilet right after I eat or drink something and I don't take in alot. why do I pee and take a dump so much?


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Yes this happens to me too, I would need to run to the restroom as soon as I had finished a meal - even a light meal when I didn't eat that much!

I was also experiencing pain and stomach spasms.

I visited the doctor and was tested and eventually diagnosed with IBS - irritable bowel syndrome.

I'm not saying this is definitely the case with yourself, but it is one possibility.

What I do recommend is visiting a doctor as soon as you can. The longer you wait to get a diagnosis, the bigger the risk you are putting yourself in.

There are conditions such as food poisoning that share the same symptoms you are talking about, but can have devastatingly serious consequences if not addressed urgently.

There are also certain bowel and colon conditions that might be causing your symptoms: With Crohn's disease being an example.

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