What food can I eat to make my penis bigger?


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Here is a list of the top 6 foods to eat if you want to have a very large penis:

1. Coffee-  Try this for penile enlargement, but don;t consume too much of it.

Caffeine is useful because it can fire up your metabolism, and creates energy, which helps you burn fat and keep up endurance: All good for blood flow to your penis.

food for bigger penis

2. Bananas-  No, it's no joke!

It's actually down to the potassium and sodium contained in bananas, great for keeping your heart and arteries beating healthily and providing a flow that will inflate your member and make for a bigger penis.

3. Oysters-  Often called an aphrodisiac, the reason why is that they contain vitamins, nutrients and zinc: A cocktail that will increase your testosterone levels greatly!

4. Salmon- The omega-3 fatty acids contained in oily fish such as salmon are good for the blood. Many fish have similar effects, so if you don't like salmon you can try mackerel or tuna.

5. Onions- Acts as a thinning agent on your blood, which helps it flow more easily. Good circulation, great sex - that's my mantra

6. Porridge- The fibre in porridge is great for keeping your arteries in good shape. This will help you have a huge penis.

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