How do I make my penis bigger?


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In reality, the only true way to make your penis bigger is to have surgery.  Personally, I'm not sure why anyone would want to go to those lengths (pun intended) to gain a few inches down below. 

As a matter of fact, most men that are worried about the size of their penis actually meet or exceed the national averages.  It's simply a case of low self esteem built on the fact that many men believe they need a superhuman sized penis to please a woman. 

Here are two common techniques that people implement in an attempt to increase their penis size:

  • Pills - We've all seen the junk emails with titles like "Increase Your Penis Length By 700000% In One Day!".  Ultimately, most is not all of these pills are absolute garbage, not to mention that they may have long term side effects.
  • Jelqing/Pumps - In desperation, many men have been known to use a method known as jelqing to extend the length of their penis.  This technique involves stretching and damaging the tissue fibres so they repair at a greater length.  This method is unlikely to work.  Likewise, penis pumps are pretty useless for long term growth.

Ultimately, surgery is the only viable option for a guaranteed increase in penis size, but I certainly wouldn't recommend this option.  You'd be surprised at how many men consider themselves inadequate downstairs, yet their partners will tell you that they're more than big enough.

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