What Foods Can I Eat To Make My Breasts Bigger, Faster Without Getting Fat?


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Umm some old chinese wives tale is that eating papaya will make your boobs grow...but I'm pretty sure it's not really true :( too bad eh?
Does caffiene really work??
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Unfortunately its not possible to ensure that the fat you put on your body ONLY goes to your breasts :)  It's based on genetics, some people are pre-disposed to having more fat go to their breasts before other areas of their bodies.

Whatever the case is for you, you have to live with it.

The only other way to increase your breast size without increasing the fat everywhere else on your body is to get implants.

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You should visit the loco health shop and they can sell a herbal tablet that MAY help to make your chest get bigger but I know nothing in the food line that will help you with this .

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