If I just got off my period 2 weeks ago and I'm bleeding again, is it a possibility that I'm pregnant?


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It is possible, but it is unlikely in my opinion.

Sometimes pregnancy can result in something called "implantation bleeding" which is spotting or bleeding that follows pregnancy by 6-12 days.

Two weeks is a little longer than expected, and you should also be feeling other symptoms of pregnancy pretty soon (nausea, aches and pains) around this time too if you were pregnant.

It is also completely possible for your hormones to be "out of whack" causing you to have a protracted or unusual period cycle, sometimes because of stress or other factors.

SO based on the evidence you have, there is no need to panic. Simply take a pregnancy test or consult a doctor for a definitive answer, but don't go jumping to conclusions just yet!

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It's  probably just spotting. Sometimes all of it doesn't come out , if it continues and if you don't get you're next period take a pregnancy test or consult medical advisor.  Everything will be fine.

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