Could you be pregnant if you haven't had your period in almost three months? (I have never had sex). What should I do?


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If you have never had sex it's very unlikely because...well, it's not possible! Sometimes it's because something has upset you hormonal balance. Are you under any stress or worry? Maybe even worrying about missing your period? 

But it could also be due to severe weight loss or excessive exercise. If you are still worried, try a pregnancy test. And if not, you should definitely got to your doctor. Hope everything's ok! :)

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Hey fellow woman :D , this is exactly what I went through ,
not having my period for 3 months really scared me before. 

Just like you, I haven’t
had sexual contact and yet my period was not coming and its been 3 months . 

worry its usually personally where you may get irregular periods because they
take time to regulate for lots of people including me and im  perfectly healthy :D and im sure you are too

Usually if you’ve only had your period for 1-3 years there may be a very
irregular cycle going on , sometimes regular , earlier on in this case later . Don’t
worry theres many girls who have experienced this and its not weird or rare its
how the menstrual cycle works. 

Everything seems perfectly fine , but if there are
other symptoms that could be something else to do with your body that might be
affecting your period eg. Lots of weight loss , low iron intake etc. That could
also be a reason but usually it’s the fact your cycle has probably not regularised
yet .

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