I haven't had my period for 3 months and i've not had sex, this should be my 5 period, any ideas?


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Betty Cheng answered
Ok... Strangely your last sentence has no relevant of your real question you pose. Anyways, if you said that you have never had sex it's your hormones reacting with your diet, health and daily routines. Are you stressed, depressed, or not yourself lately? How are you feeling? If you are suffering from painful cramps or any type of internal distension please seek a doctor immediately. But if you do NOT suffer from any type of oddly symptoms it's just your BODY being a bit abnormal. Trust me, I'm a woman and I know this stuff over a 15 years.

However, good luck and please get help or a professional if you must feel relief.
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da da answered
As a teenager its actually very common in the beginning to have missed periods. I had the same problem and my dr said it was just because my hormones were trying to regulate themselves. But if youre still concerned see your dr.
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You can't be pregnant if you had no sex honey its maybe because of your hormones or sth els go to the doctor asap
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Your spotting it means you have your period I few times than you stop for a wile, It happend to me to, And its just cause your Hormones are getting used to your period.

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