Im 15 years old and i haven't had my period in 3 months but i have never had sex so i know that im not pregnant, is it bad to not have your period for that long?


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I've been having the same thing and I'm also not getting mine. It's been like a few months and I'm worried. I don't want to see my doctor about it but I'm really scared what should I do?

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Some woman just have irregular periods. To find out if you are one of them you should speak to an obgyn and if it occurs more that probably means that you are one of those woman.
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I think its perfectly normal because that has happened to me to, but mine eventually came. So its perfectly normal. So don't panic. :)
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It's a usual thing... Don't worry... Go to your closest planned parenthood for them to get you back on your period
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I'm 14 and I went through something similar. I recommend that you tell your mom so she takes you to a gynecologist. It's always better to have a professional's advice --even if it's just to tell you you are fine.
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That's nothing to worry about. It's perfectly normal for teenage girls to have irregular. However, if it goes on for several more months, you should probably talk to a doctor or a gynecologist.

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