Can Ultrasound See If You Pregnant Even If You Had A Negative Pregnancy Test Haven't Had Period For 4 Months?


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Usually not. I have been doing ultrasound for about 11 years. You do not see a sac until about 4-5weeks pregnant and a baby in the sac until about 6 weeks. If you can see a sac on ultrasound you should have a positive pregnancy test ( over the counter urine pregnancy test are more sensitive now and you can find out your pregnant before you even miss your period.)  If you want to know for sure you can ask your doctor to draw blood  and do a quantative beta hcg test. This measures minute amounts of the pregnancy hormone in your blood and can tell your pregnant days after conception and gives a number not just positive or negative sign.  

I also have gone months with out periods. There are other female problems besides pregnancy that can cause this. Polycysic ovary disease-you don't ovulate like you should, symptoms- excessively hairy, overweight, unable to get pregnant and have not been using protection. Thyroid problems- a gland in your neck, symptoms- sudden weight loss or gain with explanation, night sweats.

You should probably talk to your gynecologist.  Good luck with everything and if you do want to have a baby in the future you should find out whats going on with your body now,
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Thank you find it very useful,we trying to conceive,having an ulrtra sound scan on monday,hopefully I'll know what's going on.

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