What Does It Mean When You Get Your Period In One Day?


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The answer to your question could depend on a number of factors, such as your age and whether you are sexually active or not. The best piece of advice would be to talk to a doctor if you are worried as our answers are only based on examples and are not based on medical fact.

Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose any medical conditions and give you help, advice and knowledge on the subject to be able to help you in the future.
  • Early period
The problem could be as common as an infection to the area and could be easily solved with antibiotics. Many women have small infections from time to time and most are very mild, but it is possible that an infection has caused bleeding that has subsequently stopped.

Another common cause for issues such as this is a mix up with birth control pills. If you are on some form of birth control medication and have taken other medication or missed a pill then it may be that this is the result. However the problem could be a little more serious and point to issues with the affected area, therefore it is advised that you consult a doctor, just to be on the safe side.
  • Visit your local doctor
It can be very difficult talking about personal issues face to face but your doctor is there to help and questions such as these are best posed to someone with proper medical training as they will be able to give you a more through and considered answer based on symptoms.

Research into this subject has found that this is not uncommon and many women suffer from a lack of regularity with periods.
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There can be two meanings of it. One is that you are experiencing irregular periods because of some hormonal change or because of some medication etc. Second you experienced vaginal bleeding that happens in pregnancy (if it is the case).

For any two conditions, you need to see your doctor. Also visit the following web for details of irregular periods.Irregular Periods

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