I want an intimate relationship, but I have bad dark prickly facial hair and hair all over my body. I'm 30lbs overweight with stretch marks all over and a hanging stomach? Please help!


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It sounds like you may have a hormone inbalance called Polycystic Ovary Sydrome and it cause excess hair and weight gain.  T

he first things first is to book an appointment with the doctor.  You can remove hair by creams; waxing, threading or through laser treatment.  There are some medications that help with the  body hair and weight gain that helps the condition.  Also eat more complex carbohydrates to fuel your body and plenty of protein and low Glycemic Index fruit and vegetables.  

The doctor might even give you some tips or referral to Nutritionist.  Then work on yourself and your self-esteem.  And then book in for a beauty treatment like laser treatment which can perminantly decrease the hair or remove hair by hairremoval creams for dark hair; or shaving.  If the hair is dense and long a good trick before using the creams or shaving it to use a special, and clean, bikini shaver/razer and shave the hair down and then then use the creams or shave.  I do it all the time.  Then you will might feel more confident and meet someone. 

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Lynn Blakeman answered

I can tell you have low self-esteem at the moment, and I can understand that; many people do to be honest. However, in your case, it does seem that there is a medical solution to the problems that you're facing, and that is great!

The other thing you have to remember is that your hair and weight don't define you, you have a personality that hopefully shines through and that is what a potential partner will be attracted to.

Looks, a slim figure and all that goes with it are great, and they might provoke an instant attraction - but they never last, and if there is no personality beneath all that, there is truly nothing to keep a partner close.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but try to learn to love yourself, if you can do that, your self-confidence will shine through and be apparent to other people. Believe me, that is the most attractive thing that anyone can offer.

In terms of your physical appearance, there are hair removal treatments which can help you out, and dieting and fitness regimes are very easy to come across online.
The hard part is taking the first step: booking an appointment at a beauty treatment center, putting on your running shoes and going for a brisk walk each morning... these are things that only you can action, so it's down to you to turn your intimate relationship into what you'd like it to be by addressing the things about yourself that make you feel uncomfortable.

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