I recently had my period for a week and I THOUGHT it ended but now I'm wiping a brownish discharge when I use the restroom. Is this just still spotting? It isn't heavy enough to leak onto a pad because it isn't on my pad. Should I be concerned?


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This is normal; the brownish discharge is old blood, so basically, the last of your period leaving your body and is mixed with a little of the normal vaginal fluid that your body produces.

If you are worried, or if this is not normal for you, make an appointment to see a nurse or doctor just to put your mind at rest, but I assure you, it happens to most women.

Are there any other explanations for unexpected bleeding?

A bleed like this can be implantation bleeding (meaning pregnancy) but if you have not taken any chances or have not had unprotected sex, that is definitely something you won't need to worry about. Also, as you mentioned that the bleeding followed your period, we can rule that out pregnancy.

As Elizabeth says above, just use a small panty liner and this will be sufficient, it's a strange time actually, your period has finished yet it hasn't quite - we women have a lot to cope with, don't we?
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its the end of your period.  Its normal to have a small amount of brownish discharge.  Just switch to use a small panty liner when your period finishes for a few days. 

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