Had my period 2 weeks ago. Now I'm spotting a brownish-pink color. Should I be concerned?


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You need to seek a doctors help ASAP as this could be almost anything..chances are it is probably just mid-cycle ovulation, but I'm not a doctor and have absolutely no way of knowing what your health state is. If I were you I wouldnt just listen to what you hear people say on line about this particular time while having your symptoms.  Going to an emergency room at a hospital is the safest thing to do, and if I were you call 911 if you suddenly feel dizzy or experience an increase in discharge while you're arranging for a ride to ER. This is the safest most sure way to get real answers.. Everyone is unique physically and I don't know your background, nor am I your attending nurse/or doctor at the ER at this moment..You should get to an ER ASAP and if you don't feel up to driving ask someone trustworthy to take you there now..or call 911..good luck!

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