Can You Be Pregnant But Your Period Still Happens? Like It Used To Be Heavy Now It's Really Light And Lasts For Like A Week But I Have All The Symptoms Of Being Pregnant...


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This is not actually a's called breakthrough bleeding and it does occur around the time that you would have a period...I know this because I am  pregnant and have been doing this for two has something to do with your hormones!
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Yes, it is not unusual at all for a woman to have episodes of light to moderate bleeding throughout pregnancy especially after heavy physical activity. I have had 10 children and had light to heavy bleeding  up to 5 mths along with 4 of the pregnancies. However, my husband was drinking heavily during the times of conception & the bleeding was a sign of a threatened miscarriage. A lot of the signs of pregnancy are similar to other female issues a woman can have. My advice to you would be to, if at all possible, as soon as you have definitely missed a period....have your OB/GYN do a blood pregnancy test so you will know for 100% sure yes or no. But until then please protect the possible baby by assuming you are pregnant and properly caring for yourself  & the health of the possible unborn child.
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I had unprotected sex the day my period was due and was late for 2 weeks then but I did a home pregnancy test 6 days after I had sex....a IT WAS NEGATIVE...but I am haven irregular and l8 periods since...I ave some symptoms and I have gained over 5 pound since then...could it be possible that I could be pregnant
I am really unsure......I had sex at da end of February an its nw may SO...HELP ME!!!!
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I think by now you know if your pregnant or not.. However if you still arent sure, my sister had her period for the first 5 months of her pregnancy.

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