Started Spotting For 3 Days: Pink, Very Light. Leaving Spots On Pads And Tampons. Thought I Was Starting My Period. Have Been Having Sex Without Protection Since Spotting Began. HPT Negative. Still No Period. What Does It Mean?


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If you want to know if you are pregnant or not go get a blood test done.  That will tell you for sure or not.  They can do a hcg quant one that is an exact number not a yes or no one.  It is most exact.  If you have a positive number over 2 you are pregnant.  If less than 1 you are negative.  And they are accurate.  They are around $50 for that or a yes or no blood test runs around $10 at the lab in the hospital.  You usually need a doctor to prescribe it for you though.
Are you late on your period?  If not then you still could be pregnant and it could be too early for a urine test to give you a positive.  The best time to test is the before the first urine in the morning.  To spot it could be implantation bleediing if you are pregnant.  If not you could have been ovulating.  Or if you have a lot of stress then that could cause your hormones to go out of wack and you can spot.  Also, some medications like birth control can cause it too.
I am a medical assistant.  I suggest to be for sure get a blood test.  And if you don't want to get pregnant then use protection if it is not too late.  If you are pregnant congrats.  Good luck and take care.
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Well, if you don't get it within the next two weeks, then you will want to go and see your doctor about a test there. Hope this helps you out.
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Amanda Britton answered
Oh my god the same thing is happening to me!!!

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