If Your Basal Body Temperature Is Between 97. To 97.8 And Have Signs Of Pregnancy ( Stomach Pains, Nausea,tender Breast) Could You Be Pregnant?


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Signs that you are mentioning don't confirm pregnancy. Drop in basal body temperature by one degree can indicate ovulation not pregnancy. Nausea and breast tenderness are also not 100% due to pregnancy. High levels of a hormone called progesterone during second phase of the cycle is responsible for such symptoms and this condition is called premenstrual syndrome. Stomach pain usually observed just before or during first day of periods due to contractions in the uterus.

Progesterone levels are also high during pregnancy and cause nausea and breast tenderness. So, premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy symptoms look like same to some extent and create confusion among ladies. To satisfy yourself, get pregnancy test if you have missed your periods on due dates.

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