What 's the best workout routine for getting a flat tummy?


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What works for one person may not work for you. You could try searching You Tube for some great belly work out videos (:

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Getting a flat tummy really requires two different types of workout:

  1. Exercise that builds stomach muscles. This can involve anything from crunches through to chin-ups.
  2. Workouts that boost cardiovascular activity. Anything that gets your pulse racing and your body working overtime to keep up could be considered "cardio".

While cardio doesn't seem like it's related to your stomach and creating that washboard abs effect, the truth is that without burning the excess fat from your midriff, your abs won't be as prominent.

Unfortunately, there isn't really an effective way to reduce body fat from a specific part of the body - so cardio is an important exercise routine for reducing all round body fat %, which will in turn make your mid-riff appear more muscular and toned.

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