How Do I Get A Flat Tummy?


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The best exercise to firm up your stomach is the dreaded
sit up. In case you don't know how to do them, here goes.
You place your hands behind your ears, not your neck, while lying on a rubber mat on the floor, then you sit up, and repeat
100 times, if you are still alive after this, you can think about doing it the next day, and the next. However, if like me, you need to ease into it, rather start from a position with
your knees bent towards your chin, and start off with ten and build up.
Another good one if you can't get out of bed in the morning,
is leg raises. While lying down flat bring both your legs up together as far as you can get them, then as slow and controlled as you can lower them inch by inch, when you get to a few inches from the bed or floor, pause and see how long you can hold it. Your stomach muscles will burn and you may shake with the effort, that means it is working.Keep your back straight. There are no quick fixes.Please consult your doctor before starting any form of new exercise
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Lay on your back and lift your legs together into the air about 6 inches, spread your legs out, put them back together, place them down, repeat process. I do this 2 to 3 times a day in repetitions of 20-30 depending on time. I am 42 had three kids and I COULD still wear a bikini bathing suit. It works.
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melissa childers
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You're so lucky...but did you ever have the extra skin like i'm talking about at all before you started the exercises?
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But if you have back problems this would be a strain on the back. Walking is great to help flatten the tummy, which is what I intend to start doing.
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I'm almost ten (in may 9th)  and my belly sticks out 3 inches.  Thats pretty big for a 8-15 year old girl in korea. It happened when I ate too much at a restaurant.  Well, I looked up some websites and I finally found one that told me to:

  Drink more water and organic juices like the honest kids organic.

  Do 15 push ups a day, and if you have one, jump the trampoline 50 times a day.
  If you can, go to a near by park that has a track or a jogging area and jog at least 1 mile
  every week.
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I'm 11, and I want a flat stomach. Just drinking more water has helped me. If you do some jumping jacks, then some pushups, then some sit ups, you should be able to notice a difference. Try to choose more healthy foods when your eating, especially at school
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Do exercise daily or jogging yoga make you mentally present while studying which will make your tummy flat automatically.
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You can try situps, maybe with a little help from a devise like an ab rocket or ab lounge., Maybe even try the devise called the red., And the gym always helps with a low fat diet.
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Melissa3!I found that regular walking(4-6 days a [email protected] min)
along with healthy diet helped me shed pounds and the belly , but
like you I still have the"baby pouch", so I'm very interested what you
or other blurters find helpful. I think since you do want to lose more
(and why?-you are probably looking great I wish I could weight 135:)
you do need to change your exercise routine and work out harder or limit your calorie intake and  the "good stuff"(white bread, sweets,sodas,fat, etc).Or you can do both at the same time, which is best.I will check out JennyT's links myself, and follow dlewis's advice.
Best of luck on accomplishing your goal, think about me as "belly exercise buddy".I will also check out the exercise ball , as one of my friends mention that is really good for abdominal muscle strengthening.And you should always follow logic101 advice, because he knows best!:)lol
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Really great advice! For some reason drinking milk helps tighten flabby skin and pooching belly fat. Weight Watchers has for years advocated dairy on a daily basis for these reasons.
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No, I wore girdle panty right after the first birth that was a c-section. When I noticed how well it firmed my tummy up, I wore them again after the birth of 2nd and 3rd children too.
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Try doing 10 sit ups in the morning and 10 at night then gradually increase the amount you do when you feel  ready.
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You could do Sit ups, and some other exercises because that worked for me, I was about 10 and a half stone and then in about 2 weeks I lost about 2 to 3 stone.
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Drink 5 cups of water!!!  Maybe once every hour or two, r else drink los of water when you have the feeling too.  =)
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I'm 10 mind what you eat: 5 A DAY my suggestions: Banana, apple, orange, plum and some grapes 2.
All so try jogging for 20 mins a day
20 push ups after your jog
and in a few days a pur fect stomach
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If you're looking to lose some weight and get a flat tummy, you're going to have to stay in a calorie deficit until the fat comes off that part of your body (you cannot spot reduce).

Basically, the fat will come off your tummy when it decides to based on your genetics, so just sustain your diet until your body looks the way you want it to.

You do this by simply:

-Eating less and..
-Exercising more.

Not losing weight at the rate you want? Eat a bit less...OR ... Exercise more.

of course make sure that you are eating as few processed foods as possible as they tend to be calorie dense which makes it harder for you to feel full on those fewer calories you're working with. Stick to foods like vegetables/fruits and lean meats.

To get more specific than this...take your weight and multiply it by 15 to find out your maintenance caloric intake (the calories you need to maintain your current weight). 

For example: 130x15 = 1,950 calories/day. 

To lose 1 pound, you need to burn 3,500 calories through diet or exercise.  To do this through diet, you'd need to eat 1,450 calories/day to burn 1 pound in 1 week (500 cal deficit/day).

Sustained caloric deficit over time = weight loss...get over plateaus by increasing cardio intensity or reducing calories further.

You could also try adding days where all you eat are lean meats and veggies for the day to break a plateau.

Your best bet in all of this is to educate yourself a bit more on the process, then implement a proven weight loss formula.

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Your married but need a Cowboy, and your eating time would be cut back! However you are too young!!!! Lol :):) Your buddy!
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melissa childers
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I only weigh 135 pounds..just need to get rid of the little baby pouch from baby #3..LOL, but I want to lose 15 pounds.
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No your fine and 20 more wouldn't matter to me! your so sweet that if that weight is his problem trash him! If not get it off your mind! I'd feed you up and make you proud! YOU ARE SPECIAL! And that is what it's all about!
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Well being your age I really wouldn't worry about it but if you really want to look skinnier then I'll give you some tips. If you switch what you drink everyday to water, milk, and juice (water is your BFF) You could see results in even a day. Plus if you go for a fifteen minute jog everyday that could help. Doing crunches is good to develop muscle but not to lose weight so once you are at a decent weight do crunches to get a flat stomach.
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I am 11 Years old and I think I'm fat. I really want a flat stomach like all the other kids at school.
I have looked at sites and stuff but some have said have fun, you're young, but some have told me to work out, jog, drink milk, water. But I thought that if you drink too much milk, you could get fat.
I need help & fast
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I want to lose weight of my stomach I don't want any fat bits I just want it to be Flat how log would this take and how do I do it x

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