I'm 57 years old. I never experienced menopause. I believe I was in pre-menopause because my period stopped. I still have cramps and spotting(very light).Then it stops for a while. My question is that normal? Has anyone experienced anything like this?


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Best thing to do would be to visit your doctor. Your doctor can check your hormone levels....which is what this sounds like is fluctuating hormone levels...however, there can be different causes to fluctuating hormone levels, best just to get checked out.

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I just turned 58 on Friday and have been going through menopause. Before I entered menopause I too had spotting and cramping actually I still experience some cramping monthly about the time my periods usually occured. If you haven't seen a gyn doctor for a complete exam you may want to. He/she may want you to try hrt (hormone replacement therapy) My best to you....

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