So I found out when I stress myself I have seizures. What can I do to stop it?


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Betty Boo answered

My sister tries to sit quietly and reject the negative thoughts she is having.

She finds comfort in praying also.

Somehow you have to think positive.

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Cal Sullivan answered

See your family physician. That's how you stop it. You don't ask an anonymous web forum. You may need medication.

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Cookie Roma answered

You see a medical professional.

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One of the most important steps is to identify the cause or source of your stress. Volume 1 of “Understanding Human Behavior” explains why this is so vital: “Remember that stress exists when a physical or psychological problem is keeping mind and body on constant if not necessarily high-level alert. In many cases the physical and psychological problems need only to be identified for them to be removed [and] the stress will inevitably disappear.” The point is, if you can isolate clearly in your mind what is putting you under stress, your response to it will likely be less severe even if the cause cannot be avoided.

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That is a question only your doctor can answer.  If stress is "causing" 'seizures' then you have a problem .. Having seizures for ANY reason requires medical attention for an underlying issue. FYI: Stress doesn't CAUSE a seizure but it can TRIGGER it.

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