I Was 14 Days Late On My Period... I Started Noticing Symptoms Of Pregnancy, I Took Lots Of Hpt Tests And Even Got A Blood Test All Of Them Were Negative! 4 Days After My Blood Test I Bleed For A Day Hard And Then Stopped?


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IF the blood test said neg. Then you are not pregnant unless you had unprotected sex again after the neg. Blood test if that is the case then there is a chance of being pregnant. It sounds to me like your just haveing an irregular period it happens sometimes due to stress, diet, hormonal imbalace, the phase of the moon..heck you name it just about anything can cause it. Women who have their periods like clock work robot style are the few and far between lucky ones
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I understand that but i am one of those rare women that gets their period like clock work i have been in some stressfull situations like, deployment, basic training jaw surgery and every time i got my period on time every month for like ever since puberty i am not uneducated about this its just i don't know whats going on something is not right i know its not and i know its not and irregular periord because i've never had one i have been pregnant befor but i had a miscarriage! That time i missed
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I get what your saying, but a blood test is pretty accurate, unless you had unprotected sex after that blood test..I would consider other things that may be wrong with you than pregnancy..Sorry about your health issues..I hope they get straighted out

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