I'm confused... my last period was on July 24th, then I had sex on August 19, 21 and September 3. Do I have the possibility of being pregnant? Until now, my monthly period doesn't come, and I already used a pregnancy test and it was negative.


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The confusion might lie in the fact you haven't told us if you used birth control while you had sex on multiple days.

If you are having unprotected sex, YES you could be pregnant. And if you used a condom, there is a possibility that you could be pregnant, as they could leak, have a hole in them, etc.

Also, when you are submitting a question, it would be great to know how old you are. When you are young, your periods can be irregular just because you're young, not because you're having sex.

To sum up: Wait out the month, then take another pregnancy test. BOTH PARTIES need to use their own birth control. Take control over your body and get on birth control. If you go for birth control pills, TAKE THEM EVERY DAY. Don't mess around with this, unless you feel the need to be a parent.

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annyong melosa
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im 22 years old , when i had my monthly period , i always delayed but only for a days or week.. not this long, he dont use condom when we didi it.
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When you don't bother to use birth control, pregnancy will be the outcome most of the time. In addition, when you don't use birth control, such as a condom, you open yourself up to contracting STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

You guys are taking big chances with your futures when you continue to have sex without using protection.

Smart men and women make good choices when they choose to have sex and each one will provide their own birth control. Be smart.
annyong melosa
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thanks , but i think that would be the last time i would have sex with him. were in a LDR. but still i dont have any symptoms,

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