Has anyone tried the " 17 day diet " by Dr. Mike Moreno ? Any success, did it work & how much did you lose?


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ANY diet will work. They all work because they're making you eat LESS calories. Therefore as long as you eat LESS calories you WILL lose weight. As soon as you start eating the normal amount of food you usually eat before your diet, you will gain it all back again. Calories in. Calories out. That's it. HEALTH wise, is what nutrients are in your food. You're either someone who use carbohydrates for energy, or someone who uses fat for energy. 

You can choose, your body will work either way. But afterwards it's ALL about the calories you consume the calories you expend,

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If you want to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, stop with the dieting!!!!!  No one wants to hear that despite the fact that I lost 70 plus pounds nearly 3 years ago and have kept it off. Everyone wants the magic pill.

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