I'm on loryna I missed one pill. I never took it the next day, but continued with the pills. 5 days later I had sex, and we didn't have a condom. About 21 hours later I took Plan B one step. taking plan B. What are the chances of getting pregnant?


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Chances are that you will be okay. Expect to have changes in your cycle. It is important to use a condom until your cycle becomes regular and normal again.

There have been cases where Plan B is NOT effective at all for overweight women.

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Dizzy Mel
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Thank you so much!!
I'm just a very anxiety ridden chick. There was a lapse in judgment, we usually double up (condoms and pill) we're pretty focused on work so now is not the time. Even though it seems we're behind the crowd being 25 not married or with kids lol. I'm about 95 lbs so that shouldn't be an issue.
Thank you again. :)
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You are welcome

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