4 days ago the condom broke and i took plan b within 20 minutes after. my period is 3 days late and is always on time. could i be pregnant? ive been trying everything to get my period.


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I don’t know what everything is, but of course, you could be!

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Plan B is known for not working properly on obese women. It has chemicals which will mess up your cycle... Not just this month but possibly next month too. So, if you are going to have future sex keep that in mind and be sure to use extra protection during these screwed up cycles. Did you read the packaging insert ?

So you could be pregnant or you might not be.

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The best thing in life is not place yourself in situation where you got worry whether your pregnant or not. I don't believe in sex to after marriage sorry i am old school . My opinion is go to a doctor they are your best advice and they can tell you whether your pregnant or not  you can't never depend on birth control . Best Wishes :)

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There are so many variables to factor in! First of all, how old are you? Age factors in of course. Second, was this your first time? For some reason first times seem to mess with a girls cycle. Or at least that's what most first timers stress out about. Third, how on earth did you get ummm "broke" then within 20 mins you had plan B? You need a pharmacy for that. Did you have plan B on hand because this happens to you often? Fourth, speaking of plan B... Do you even know what it is? It's basically a bunch of hormones thrown into your body via pill causing you to spontaneously abort your child if you were indeed pregnant. That's why you gotta take it "with in a certain time frame" in order for it to work. What I'm getting at is if you are so "on time" all the time then the delay could be due to all those plan B hormones throwing your body off! Skip is right. You very well could be pregnant. Willie's right. Give it more days. Darren is right to... Go see a doctor. We are a bunch of strangers on the internet. Most of us don't have medical degrees. And on that note... Did you try jumping up and down to get your period?

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