Is it relaxing to smoke?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I don't smoke but the second hand smoke makes me gag. I don't understand the appeal to it. All in all, no, I don't think smoking is relaxing. Pizza and Mountain Dew are far more relaxing. Best of luck to you!

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Matt Radiance answered

It's suffering to me, there's no peace or relaxation in destroying our health & catching cancer, changing our face's style & cheek's sharpness to the bad, & sabotaging our teeth & mouth, & getting a heavy smell that thousand of perfumes can't fix it.

but to be honest, i tried it twice (in awareness of it's dangers) just for curiosity to see how it feels & didn't liked it.

Also smoking is just state of mind, there's no actual relaxation into it, there's three levels, usually human desire to do something about their pressures when they feel bad, so the first level is when you don't smoke but you start it in a desperate time in faith of that makes you calmer, also it happens by other reasons as well, so you might get calm but only cause you believed it, that it would makes you calm, the second level is when you use to smoking,now you're addicted to it's nicotine & other involved chemicals, you need to reach that nicotine to become relax, the third level is when all of these turns into a habit for you, in this level doesn't even matter if you smoke it or not, you filled by smoking it over & over, now what comes important is the packet of the smoke be there near you, if not, you might come nervous, you might also light the smoke but you don't even use it, you let it to burn down & get finished, the only thing that calms you down is that your smoke is on, knowing that would relax your mind.

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Yes it is. That's why people in combat smoke. However when you get older and cough out pieces of your lung, you get unrelaxed real quick!

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