What's it like to smoke? is it relaxing?


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Aldrich Ames answered

I started when I was 16. At first, it's hard not to cough and makes you feel kinda a bit light-headed. Later on, you start craving for it and it makes you feel relaxed. That's been my experience with them. Also, don't try it. 

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Ray Dart answered

I smoked on and off for 30 years. During that time I ran marathons, played squash and rugby, and had a family.

I enjoyed smoking, I really did. It did make me cough sometimes, but hey.. No gain without pain?

About 10 years ago, after changing from a really active job to being a desk-bound computer nerd, I got pains in my chest.

I then started to lose the use of one of my legs.

The cause of both problems?


I'm all fixed now, but it has not been a laughing experience.

And do you know what?

I spent thousands of pounds over the years on cigarettes to get that unwell.

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Otis Campbell answered

Its a bad habit i quit drinking and drugging and now smoke cheap cigars. I smoke too much its bad for me but its a cheap bad habit that i dont end up in jail

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Didge Doo answered

Not a direct answer to your question, but Richard Ianelli (The Devil's New Dictionary) put it this way:

Smoker: One who condemns himself without a fair trial and then proceeds to pay his own executioner for the poison with which he carries out the sentence.

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Gokula krishnan answered

It's like getting a health disorder on your own risk , it is injurious to health , it can cause cancer , my advice is you should quit smoking , there are many relaxing ways than this(liking hearing to music , reading books etc) . It's your wish to hear me or not .

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PJ Stein answered

The only time it is relaxing is after you become addicted. It is the withdrawal that brings on the anxiety that only a cigarette can fix. The reality is if you smoke you will stink of cigarette smoke. Anyone who kisses you will taste the cigarettes. It is a nasty habit that turns into a horrible addiction.

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