Is it bad to smoke two cigarettes in a row?


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Muhammad Nadeem Profile
Muhammad Nadeem answered
It is bad to smoke cigarettes regardless of two cigarettes in a row or single cigarette. Smoking is an independent risk factor for heart attacks.
High Sea Air Profile
High Sea Air answered
If  you  saw  my  grand dads death  at  age 72  due  to  cancer  from smoking , none  of  us  would  be  smoking , i know  i  am  a  smoker ,  i quit  2 years  and  started back  up early  2010  winter  just  sad  and  depress  i  guess
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Having one is itself harmful, then you guess about having two.
shalini sharma Profile
shalini sharma answered
I think SMOKING is bad so it's does'nt matter how many cigarettes u smoke

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