Is it bad to smoke two cigarettes in a row?


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It is bad to smoke cigarettes regardless of two cigarettes in a row or single cigarette. Smoking is an independent risk factor for heart attacks.
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If  you  saw  my  grand dads death  at  age 72  due  to  cancer  from smoking , none  of  us  would  be  smoking , i know  i  am  a  smoker ,  i quit  2 years  and  started back  up early  2010  winter  just  sad  and  depress  i  guess
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Having one is itself harmful, then you guess about having two.
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‚ÄčI think it is not good to smoke cigarettes at all, huh. As soon as I quitted smoking, I started feeling and breathing many times better. I tried to kick the habit in many different ways, but succeeded only due to vaping and SEA100 e-cig .

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It's bad but it's not going to instantly kill you, the more you smoke, the worse it is for you. I regret smoking and I've been at a point of being a chain smoker, for me it was due to one cigarette not having enough nicotine, so I would have more than one. Just try to limit how much you smoke a day (for me it's around 5 cigarettes a day now) and keep at that level and slowly bring it down by 1 cigarette every few weeks.

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I think SMOKING is bad so it's does'nt matter how many cigarettes u smoke

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