I Am 47 Years Old And I Had My Tubes Tied In 1986. I Have Never Missed A Period But I Did This Month And Have Had Alot Of Morning Sickness And Tender Breasts. I Did A Home Pregnancy Test And It Was Neg. Is It Possible For Me To Be Pregnant And The Test Be Wrong? What Shoul I Do?


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Actually since you had your tubes tied, you cannot possibly be pregnant because it is by far the most effective mode of contraception. However, from where I see it, you might be heading towards Menopause. Menopause is often characterized by irregular periods, Nausea, and tender breasts, amongst several other symptoms. So I would recommend you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.  Here is a link to a website for more information on Menopause:
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It sounds to me like perimenopause. Which is the early stages of menopause. 47 is about when I began to miss periods and have late periods, I took a lot of pregnancy tests before a female Doctor's Assistant told me about perimenopause. What many do not realize is that menopause is when you are done with your periods for a year. There are many symptoms and signs to perimenopause, I would ask my Dr. Just to be certain, and also prepared.
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I am 22 I had my tubes tied in feb of last year....I have missed my period...If I don't start by next month...I will take a pregnancy test!!! And YES you CAN get pregnant after a tubal ligation...Just look it up there's actually women who their stories.
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Stress can be a huge factor in missing your period. But yes I  would say check with your health care provider.

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The test would only be wrong if you did it too early or did it wrong. If neither of these apply its unlikely you're pregnant. Perhaps you're starting the menopause and the hormonal changes are causing your symptoms. Your doctor can test for this

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