Is HIIT a better way to lose fat then traditional cardio?


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Moga Deet answered

Interval training is very effective and efficient.  It's best for people who are at a decent level of fitness.  I would also suggest that you take a class or work with a personal trainer to get started, so you get an optimal routine.  I like tabata intervals.  It's a good idea to know your training heart rate and check when you are getting started to make sure you are in a training zone and not way too high or too low.  When you are doing a maximum interval you shouldn't feel like your heart is racing, dizzy or you can't catch your breath - you are overdoing it.

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What is better? If you're completely out of shape and fat it's going to give you a bad time. I prefer you start off nice and slow on the treadmill or elliptical. If you can actually handle it, it makes exercising extremely quick. Cuts your exercising time tremendously

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