Would focusing on cardio help to lose body fat more quickly?


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Nope. Focusing on diet makes you lose body fat more quickly. Most people who are cutting body fat goes on the ketogenic diet. A short guide can be found here: docs.google.com/document/d/1gZfJejOM8fJsX1iCilmnpp1qmT_KncJw

While on this diet, your calorie deficit spares your muscles and targets the fat stores in your body instead. It targets fat on a much higher rate because you condition your body to use fat as its major source of fuel, how your body should naturally be.

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Use eliptical machines and "focus" your mind on using your leg muscles for ALL excersizes. Then I would do circuit training machines. I would do lots of ab (core) and legs to build muscle & metabolism and do lots of walking.
I would avoid running and doing heavy weight lifting to avoid large muscles.
I would also change WHAT you eat, as opposed to the calories you eat. Water is good. I would increase your fiber by eating lots of Fiber 1 products, the bars & cereal are very good.
Weight Watchers wheat bread and , get this... Wonder Wheat Light bread are VERY high in fiber (the most of all breads) and low in calories and carbs. The more fiber you eat, the more weight you will lose FAST!
Add a multivitamin and a Green Tea pill (to help boost your metabolism) every day.  I suggest you ketogenic diet foods through this you get more results about The ketogenic diet .

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