So I want to lose belly fat and my friend said to do sit ups. Then my sister told me that it doesn't help me lost fat, it just builds muscle under the fat. Any tips and suggestions?


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Your sister is right. There is no such thing as spot reduction of fat, and sit ups only build and tone underlying abdominal muscle. Fact is, sit ups aren't even that great of an exercise. To reduce fat, you have to improve your diet and increase the heart rate for sustained periods of activity or exercise. Fat is reduced from the sum total of body fat over the whole body, areas that most fat is stored (hips/waistline) will be the last to become fat free. Be assured even with the best methods, results will take awhile.

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okay so i should daily run? i kinda already do that. also, i already improved my diet but idk i guess i'll improve it even more. And my arms are skinny and its basically my stomach that has toomuch fat
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Yeah .. Sit ups will increase muscle tone, and by doing them you do exert a good amount of energy which in itself burns calories, and that helps to burn up fat reserves .. But .. Spot reducing is a falicy. 

The best way to reduce fat throughout your entire body is to do it the old fashioned way by increasing physcial activity and decreasing calories by maintaining a good healthy diet.

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It should be a combination.  Aerobic exercise burns fat, the sit up builds muscle.

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The best exercise for "Belly fat" is Sit ups. Only & only sit ups.

Your stomach has a muscle then naturally a healthy layer of fat is covering it. When we don't control our nutrition & transfer unhealthy products inside our body the fat gonna increase. Now, (sit up) is not the only exercise but the best one. When you do sit ups, you focusing on your stomach literally. "Sit up" designed for "Belly fat" it's a science of work out. It burns your stomach fat & build your muscles in the same time, both together. From the inside your muscles get built, from outside your fat get burnt. But (as you should know, work-out & gym is a very sensitive sport & activity  specially for ladies) so, when you doing sit ups, you only focusing on areas under your chest to the end of your belly & stomach. For a better shape, you better to do movements to focus on the sides of your stomach as well (if needed) to make sure you fit it up.

-Running helps to lose stomach fat as well (without focus on belly but improves to the stomach)

-All kind of Cardio activities would help you out.

-There's so many stomach movements such as (Leg rises, Crunches, Modified V-sits, hundreds, Knee crunches,Cross crunches, sitting twists, bicycle crunches)  that you can try.

-Besides all these, nutrition, you have to make sure you having a good nutrition. (having diet & nutrition doesn't mean cut all of your meals no!  .. There's some products that we know are harmful generally (like lipids or processed foods) avoid them. Then find out about your body's metabolism & blood preference . See what things are so good for you & what things are so bad for you. (your own personal conditions)  also take advice from a nutritionist for a better plan then make your diet & nutrition plan by it.

-Note: It's important to don't find unrealistic expectations about yourself as well. One of the most important factors in gym is about "Body type" . Each body type react to gym & (varied movements of gym in a different way) so the best thing is to know your body type & stick your expectations by it. Don't compare yourself with anyone. You have your own body type & your own metabolism.

Check this link for more information about body types.

Wish you the best of luck. Keep going & never give up. :)

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What you saying is right. but i'm not the one that mistaking. you all take the question mistaken. we're not talking about "General burning fat" the person wants to burn belly fat & you'll burn belly fat by doing sit ups . simply & end of the matter. if the person wanted to lose weight or take over her "overall" body. then i'd suggest other matters. but the question exclusively is about belly fat & you walk into any sport center & say how burn belly fat they give you only sit ups. we have different purpose for different category. why even 3 hours ? 30 min running everyday will make the person sweat every fat in their body. but that's overall fat burning. but the person doesn't want overall fat burning. she wants belly fat burning. that means, before cardio & running for a better effort, quicker effort & stronger effort she need to do SIT UP an exercise discovered & designed only for belly fat. BURNING BELLY FAT & BUILDING MUSCLES OF BELLY. first sit up then beside sit up some cardio or running . because the purpose is BELLY FAT. please study a little bit into such. plus, your suggestions are so out of standards & too generalized. the whole body of someone might be fit & they are happy with it. but a bit of fat stomach is there. it's waste of time to do anything else but only SIT UP everyday constantly. because we want to focus on ONE area BELLY FAT , STOMACH FAT means we need STOMACH exercise because other parts are FINE.
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Any sport player in the world for improving their belly fat they only doing sit ups in particular. from tennis players to soccer players. you discussing a phase that i passed it already years ago. from someone who just experienced it to someone who studied & having master degree in sport physical progression field. this is the formula. Belly fat = Sit up. this is the only tradition & the prefect way that never gets old. the problem with you guys is you thinking too generally & giving out opinion about this too generalized. each part of body has it's one FOCUSED exercise. which you think otherwise (first mistake) & the most hardest part to burn is belly. or maybe you even got a wrong of definition of what is a burnt fat of belly ! ? . . when the person "wants belly fat" now the priority is to focus on belly fat. the best 1st practice for belly fat is "sit up" which you think otherwise (second mistake) when we talking about a particular part of body, we need to take it's focused exercise then do other things such as cardio , running, or bicycles ect .which you think otherwise (third mistake) & so on . . .
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Blah blah blah, Matt, you still fail to understand. "Belly fat" cannot be spot reduced by doing sit-ups. Yes they can build underlying muscle, and over a long term can burn fat, but you'll find the fat was reduced elsewhere as well. It's the principle of burning more than you put in that causes fat to be burned.
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I think follow a system to do this.

You need a guide and it will easy to solve your problem



Follow any one which you like more

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It is beneficial for you if you will do both.Set ups are important to get muscles. Aerobic exercise will help to loose fat. If you are still confused then contact with some personal trainer.He will give you better advice related to  both of them.

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