I have TB, I keep a handkerchief in my hand and use it for cough or sneeze, is it possible that others can get infected by handshake or other touch?


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Moga Deet answered

TB is contagious and is a very serious disease.  I think you should be as cautious as possible.  I would avoid shaking hands and you should wash your hands frequently, as well.  Try to use a handkerchief as much as possible to avoid sending particles into the air.

In the U.S., the coaches of some kids' sports teams are encouraging fist bumps instead of the traditional handshake after games.  Fist bumps don't transfer germs as much.  I think it would be better if that replaced the handshake for everyone.

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You're the main reason I don't shake anyone's hand. You never know what's on someone's hand. Perhaps you should be in the hospital. Call your doctor.

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