I Have A Huge Hole In My Wisdom Tooth. Is It Possible That My Tooth Could Rot Away And Then Cause My Other Teeth To Rot?


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I have been on the bad end of not sorting an issue like this out. I wasnt really aware of the problem until it was too late & not visiting the dentist enough. In the end the worst case is having the wisdom teeth removed as a hole will almost certainly cause repeated infections. If you don't get it filled or treated then the hole will find its way to the root of your tooth and then its real pain time at which point the only treatment will be root canal or more likely tooth extraction...wisdoms being the largest of all the teeth
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I have a huge hole also I think you should get it taken care of because it is a lot of pain
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Usually with a hole in the teeth it can eventually over time cause problems. The tooth will continue to wear away until the inside of the tooth is exposed to everything which goes into the mouth. This could cause an infection and you would then need to have either root canal treatment where the nerve is removed from the tooth, or the tooth would need to be removed completely. Usually root canal treatment is used first in order to try to save your teeth, but if nothing can be done then extraction is generally the only other option.

If however you contact your dentist straight away, you may be able to get away with having a filling. That is painless and it will stop the problem immediately.

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