My teenage daughter (14) has had brown vaginal discharge about 2 weeks imbetween her period. What is this? P.s No other symptoms.


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Your gynecologist would know.

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While most discharge is normal and can reflect the various stages of the menstrual cycle, some discharge can be a result of an infection.

Nonpathological vaginal discharge ranges in pH from 3.8 to 4.2 and is typically white or clear in color, though it can be yellowish.

Vaginal discharge amounts vary as the menstrual cycle progresses. Ovulation can increase discharge. Menopause or low estrogen levels can cause a decrease in discharge.

Unless the discharge is accompanied by itching, burning or having a foul odor, it sounds like this is normal. If the discharge seems excessive to you, you might have her see a doctor for an exam to make sure everything is okay and she doesn't have any kind of infection going on.

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Excellent info. ­čĹĆ
I didn't give details because Anonymous sounds like a teen. Teens usually take whatever is on the internet and don't visit their doctor.
Still visit your doctor, you need a vaginal exam to rule out everything.

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