Why My Vaginal Discharge Is Color Peach And Brown One Week After My Period?


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Having a brown discharge around a week after your period is not an unusual occurrence and is something that is experienced by a lot of women. The brown discharge is most likely to be simply a sign of old blood in the majority of situations. This is not anything to be worried about and as long as you have no other problems you should not concern yourself too much about the issue.

If you require any additional reassurance about the issue, or you are still worried that you might have a problem, then I would advise that you go to see your doctor as they will be able to provide you with more detailed and expert information. You should not be embarrassed about the prospect of seeing your doctor regarding sensitive issues such as this, as all medical professionals are well accustomed to every sort of medical complaint and will be able to deal with the matter and answer any questions you have in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

If this problem has only started happening recently, then it could have been caused by one of several factors:

• There has been a recent change in your natural hormone levels
• You have changed the strength of your pill recently

Generally speaking, the greatest cause for concern would be if you had missed your period completely. As long as you are still having your period as normal, then having a vaginal discharge of this sort a week later should not in theory be a particular cause for concern for you.

Vaginal discharge is entirely normal as part of the process of clearing dead cells and bacteria from the vagina. It comes mainly from glands in the cervix and is slightly acidic in order to keep infections at bay.

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