Why Does My Period Start Then Stop And Then Start Again?


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My period starts and then stops. Why is this happening?

As every woman’s body and menstrual cycle is different, there is no straightforward answer to this question. In most cases, if your period is stopping and then starting again in the middle of a period, then this is likely to be associated with factors such as stress or a hormonal imbalance.

Some women find their periods stop overnight and then start again in the morning. This is likely to be down to the blood and tissue building up as the body is in a relaxed, lying down position. In the final days of a period, some women will notice spotting and the period may stop and start. This is the period ending and is generally considered to be quite normal.

For those using the contraceptive pill, they may notice their periods stop and start while they are menstruating.

  • If your period has stopped for a few months and then started again - this may indicate a more underlying problem. In these circumstances, this could be down to a poor diet that is lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. On the other hand, it could also be signs of polycystic ovaries which could be more serious.
  • Periods that have stopped altogether indicate a more pressing problem and you should see your doctor immediately. This could happen if you are suffering from an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or you may even be pregnant.
  • Every woman has a different menstrual cycle and what is normal for one woman may not be for another. For example, some women have shorter periods than others. Some women may have a period every 25 days, while others have one every 35.
Regardless of how your body works, if you are worried about your periods stopping and starting- speak to your doctor or healthcare professional immediately.
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Period starts and then stops?

Usually it does not mean anything. Is there a possibility you may be pregnant? Some women will bleed a little and still be pregnant. I suggest you wait another week and then do a pregnancy test, that way if you were going to start again you will.
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My period stopped and started again.

You should have number days your periods last and gap between the periods. Normally periods can last for 2-7 days and cycle length can be of 26-32 days.

A cycle length of more than 35 days and less than 21 days needs to be investigated and treated by the doctor. Periods for more than 7 days and less than 2 days also need medical attention. So, you should get advice from your doctor.
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Certain types of birth control can cause this. Has anything changed that you are now using? If you are not on birth control medication then I would make an appointment with a medical professional.
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It depends on if you just started your period. When you first start, your period may not be regular whatsoever! But some birth control pills and patches can also cause this.

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