heavy weights and low reps vs light weight and many reps?


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Lighter weight and many reps always worked for me - I wasn't about to enter a weightlifting contest (and I didn't want to risk musculo-skeletal damage that would come back to kick me in later life).

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The old approach used to be to first build the muscles that you wish to refine.

I would assume that is still a good approach.

Nevertheless, here's two sites you may wish to visit:

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My trainer at the Rugby club always reckoned 2 weeks to get the muscles you already have, working properly. 2 months to get the muscles you ought to have and 2 years to get the muscles you want.
I was never sure what muscles I wanted.
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@Ray ­čśł
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@Ray Dart

I have some knowledge of human anatomy. In retrospect, I may have been confused about what muscles I had since I was never able to develop the ones I wanted.

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