I Am 170 Cm And Weight 64.7 Kg How Many Kilos Should I Lose?


2 Answers

Christy Muller Profile
Christy Muller answered

At 170cm(5'5), you should weigh 114 - 144lb (51.7 - 65.3kg)

weighing in at the top end of the normal range at 64.7kg, you are fine.

That is just a guideline though, if you wanted to achieve a leaner physique, you could still lose weight if you wanted to, however that would be up to you for aesthetic purposes. 

Just make sure if you go about losing weight you follow a proper diet/exercise regimen.

Kim Dalli Profile
Kim Dalli answered
You don't have to lose any weight...according to height you should weigh between 51 and 70 Kg

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