I just started getting my period about 10 months ago. I am not moody on my period, and am all the other time. Like super moody, I almost think I am bipolar. Is this normal?


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Yeah, it's quite common.  Actually, high hormone surges occur during ovulation which occurs at about the halfway point between periods.  The moodiness that accompanies it can last for a couple weeks.  You may want to look up PMS.  Your hormones go crazy throughout puberty, and mood swings are often more intense during these years. 

We're all individuals, and we have differences in our experiences.  If you find it debilitates your ability to function, talk to your mom and get a doctor's appointment. 

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The first year I got my period I was always moody, except the first day or two of my period. Then I was just ill. Your body is adjusting to the new hormones and it is quite common to be moody through that. You'll even out soon enough. 

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Happy and Gator are right. :0)

Bipolar and hormone swings are two very completley different things. What you describe is definitly NOT bipolar.

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