This month I had my period 3 times. Each time getting heavier and a lot more painful. I am not on birth control. I am not under any stress, life has been normal. No sudden changes in my day to day life. Should I be concerned?


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Yes that is definitely irregular .... You should definitely consult with a doctor immediantly

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See a gynecologist ASAP.  This is not normal.  If this doctor can't see you right away, go to your regular family doctor.  Which ever can see you first.

If the pain is severe or you feel dizzy or exhausted, go to an emergency room.

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Elecia Robarts
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But what could it be? I am extremely exhausted, up to the point where I fall asleep at my desk.
Elecia Robarts
Elecia Robarts commented
also, the pain is now a sharp pain / ramp, and when it is heavy, it shoots down my legs
Danae Hitch
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Being exhausted is probably because you're anemic from the blood loss you're experiencing. As for the pain, I really don't know. You're going to need medical assistance now.

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