My cycle is every 37 days, I've been late a few times before for a max of 3 weeks. I'm currently 5 weeks late In scared to test and I don't really have any symptoms either. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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I have anxiety and I find it so hard to do that.

I'm just looking for anyone with any similar or experienced it.

Thank you though!

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My cycles were over 30 days and I often skipped periods. If there was a chance of being pregnant I always took a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, the sooner you know the better so you can get on the vitamins and get the proper pre-natal care. The thing is I was never pregnant and my problem was a medical condition.

Whether you are pregnant or not and you are more than a month late, as you now are approaching, I would make a doctor's appointment and find out what is going on. I often just needed a hormone shot to jump start my body to get back on track.

I know going to the doctor can be nerve wracking, but remember they have seen and heard much worse than what you are going through. They will not judge you.

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Take the test or wait for the baby bump to appear...............or not.

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