Hi ! I'm 14 years and old . I've got my period twice this month is this normal ? First time from 7th to 11th of July and the second time from yesterday . Please help i'm scared


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If you started getting periods recently, then it's normal for them to be irregular. There's no harm in going to see a doctor though just to clear up any worries :)

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Alexandra Alle
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I started my periods like almost 2 years ago
Anna Levi
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In that case, I'd suggest seeing a doctor just to work out the cause of it, there are many factors which could lead to 2 periods in one month
Jann Nikka
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Talk to your mother and/or school counselor.
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It's not unusual for periods to be irregular on occasion at any point of your life .. Emphasis on "on occasion" .. If it's a recurring problem or your periods lasts a lot longer than what is typical .. Then that may need some attention. It wouldn't hurt to mention it to your mom.  She should be advised of anything out of the ordinary .. For al you know she may have experienced the same thing when she was your age.

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