I've had discharge for about two years and breast development for 3+ i weigh 84 pounds. When will i get my first period?( im 14)


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You know you should have told your parents this 2 years ago. Discuss this immediately with your parents, female school nurse or female counselor or female principal or vice-principal or grandma.

Your health is too important to be withholding vital information from your parents.

Periods, DO NOT SUCK, It's a normal biological female function that will happen to you monthly for the next 40+ years you will learn to live with it. You need to be speaking to your parents today right now. Please inform your parents.

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The problem with periods is that no two are the same, it'll come eventually but just be glad it isn't here yet because they suck. If you don't start by the time you reach nineteen talk to your mom or doctor, and if you're really concerned now talk to your mom, she'll know what to do, but many girls actually do start their periods without knowing it because it's so light they brush it off as discharge. Tip for when it does start though, hydrogen peroxide takes out blood stains like a charm

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IMO this is terrible advice to give a child about her coming menstrual cycle. She needs to immediately tell her parents so they can guide her and have her examed by a doctor.
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I'm very happy to see you add additional information talking to her mom.

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