ive been unemplyed for over a month and in that time gained 45lbs and ive lost motivation to go to the gym and find another job after 2 failed interviews what are somethings i can do to pick myself up again?


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Just go to the gym !!! It's hard to Suss a job interview when you don't feel confident ... Starting a regular exercise routine can boost your confidence level ... Cos I said so :)

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Dear Thrice Gotcha,

First of all, just to offer you my conviction that we are now in a destructive culture of icy-hard greed...in a more wholesome society there would be a place for everyone and we would know how to find places for each other... in other words, just to repeat for you, not your fault...

And then, look for small things that DO take your interest and at the same time make you feel better...some volunteering? Help out the Friends of the Local Library?...I once learned computers then I put out a newsletter for the homeless network...Master Gardeners? Local animal refuge?

I love Nicole Ashley's idea of the dog...and with your hypertension, do you feel up to walking five minutes per hour around the house? Or maybe per day? Or even just some stretching? Find ways so your life makes sense AS IS, and then keep sending out those résumés, attending interviews, per KB Baldwin.

Also keep coming on Blurt, please...your fine answers.

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I've been laid off for six months. The thing that keeps me active is my dog. I don't know if that's an option for you but getting and training a dog defientely keeps you active! Haha

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There aren't too many cities that have not been affected by unemployment, which means that there are probably things happening to help the job seeker.

Check into Goodwill Industries in your town. They usually have classes to help the unemployment brush up on their interview skills.

Also, check your city's website and see what they have to offer. What I did when I was unemployed was to go to a temp agency. The first job I was sent out on, I was hired on full-time in the same department I was working in.

Get active, as Jaimie stated. It really does boost your confidence. Get a routine going - get up every day as if you were going to work. Go to the library and check out what they have to offer. There's a lot of help out there - you just have to look for it.

Good luck!

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It seems that we have been the same situation. In facts, I am also having troubles with weight. I have just graduated from university for 4 months and since then I have been seeking out for some ways to go. I do not know what I want to do or desire. I do not have a dream or a clear pathway to go. This has been depressed me a lot. Therefore I eat as a way to compensate the hole in my mind. And this causes weight gain.

At this moment, I have applied for some vacancies and been waiting for an appointment. I try to work out hard, sometimes at right home. There is no need to go to gym to be healthy.

Hopefully you can overcome your difficulties soon.

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