Need help! I got an IUD the other day while I was on my period, BUT my doctor said no unprotected sex for a week. I'll be 5 days since I got the IUD...should I risk it?


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Well......what did your DOCTOR say?

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Chelsea MacGillivray
Wait 7 days just to be safe, but I have heard the IUD starts to take effect straight away if it's put in on the first 7 days of our period, anyone else heard this before?
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Let us evaluate this for a minute..... Waiting two days to have sex or risking a life time commitment and change with a baby..... Hmmmm I would control my urges for two days... But that is just me. Listen to Angela and do what your doctor said!

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HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Perfect answer!!
Yin And Yang
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Thank you kindly HelpStopAnimalAbuse. :0)
Yin And Yang
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Chelsea, I can understand what you are saying. I have been there and done that. Trust me.... when there is a will there is a way and the two body parts that can get you pregnant never even have to touch and you still BOTH get the same end result.... catch my drift?
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O my goodness for crying out loud follow your doctor's instructions. You could wait 2 weeks. You're certainly not going to die from lack of sexual intercourse. 

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Well, depends on just how big of a gamble you want to take .. And whether or not you are prepared for the consequences.  If your doctor said a week .. I would think 7 days would be worth the wait .. And not a moment before

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Being patient is better than being pregnant.

If the boyfriend is in a hurry you might suggest that he gets an IPD. Painful, of course, but it'll keep him off the nest for a while.

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