A week ago I finished an 'early period' (two weeks early). Now I'm bleeding again, & I am originally due for my period today. Few days before the 'early period' I had unprotected sex, pull out method. Should I be concerned about this weird bleeding?


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Ricky Steadman answered

Ask trusted learned women you know. Then go to the hospital.

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Lynn Blakeman answered

Is the bleeding like a normal period or is it lighter? There is a chance it could be an implantation bleed i.e you could be pregnant.

However, the female body is a complicated thing and it may be nothing at all. Have you been stressed at all or changed any medication? I'm wondering if the initial bleed was related to that, and then this second bleed is your normal period.

To be sure, I would take a pregnancy test, it's always best to know. You can pick up a cheapish one from any chemist or supermarket and you can do the test at any time of day now (it used to have to be first thing in a morning). 

If it's positive then you can decide what to do, if negative I would be inclined to see whether next months period is normal - and if not, take another test. 

Sometimes it can be too early for them so a false negative can be given. However a false positive is very rare.

If you are not pregnant and your periods are still not normal it is certainly a good idea to see your doctor in case there are any underlying medical problems. However, try not to worry, we all have these strange cycles occasionally, so it may just be one of those things.

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