Tingling Arms And Feel Very Heavy, Neck Is Sore, Fingers Really Hurt. On & Off Pain In Back Of Head . What's Wrong?


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You need to go to the hospital right away! It could be several things, stroke, heart attack, hemorrhage, and more, please go now. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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What does it means when your arm feels like the muscles is contracting and it feels heavy? Also when ever this happens my body feels like it has no energy and I end up with a headache.
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Have you had a spinal x-ray?  if nothing comes of the cardiologist.. Go to an Osteopath or sports Dr.  YOu may have very tight neck muscles compressing nerves.  this causes the heavy arms.. The head pain.. The arms.. And lots of odd little symptoms.  I would almost bet you spend a lot of time on the computer. IT sounds like the kind of stress on the neck from bad computer posture.    Good luck
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Yes AnonyMouse, I did have a spinal MRI which showed degenerative disc disease, which I already knew I had, the neurologist & cardiologist are still doing testing.
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I suggest you see your doctor.  This could be a variance of problems, from something like a pinched nerve in your neck, to a migraine, or worst case- a stroke, or one trying to happen.  Please see the doctor and soon,  it is probably minor but you want to make sure.  Feel better soon.
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Thanks tiggersmom and GodlovesU. My husband took me to the hospital a month ago, that was a nightmare in itself, but blood tests, EKGs, MRI's, x-rays, stress test, etc were done, I'm continuing to go to the cardiologist & neurologist hoping to find out what the problem is, no luck yet.

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